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Maternity Reflexology
& Baby Massage

Josephine Jones



Josephine Jones

Maternity Reflexology & Baby Massage

Tel: 0777 5573446

Available Solihull and surrounding areas



Following delivery a woman can experience a wide range of emotions varying from jubilation, wonder, exhaustion and soreness (and more often swinging between these states both!).  Reflexology can provide a balancing, harmonising treatment to assist the body’s change to a non-pregnant state (both physically and spiritually).  It can be adapted specifically around the type of delivery.  The postnatal treatment is an invaluable reflexology treatment and should be viewed as the Reflexologist’s opportunity to provide ‘supreme care’ for the new mother.  It is a culmination of nine months of gestation and can give the necessary support, and ease of passage into new motherhood.  It supports both the physical and spiritual changes involved and provides an arena for reflection on the momentous event of the birth itself. 


The treatment itself should be appropriate to the mode of delivery.  Special techniques can be incorporated following for example Caesarean Sections and the associated side effects; aiding with the associated trapped wind.  It is also excellent to promote removal of toxins associated with IV fluids other medication and anaesthesia.  It also includes invaluable techniques to support the breastfeeding mother balancing the endocrine system to promote the natural process of lactation as well as having treatments to hand to help with breast engorgement, slow let down, poor lactation or oversupply.  Reflexology can also be tailored around specific postnatal symptoms such as perineal pain following vaginal birth as well as for constipation or haemorrhoids. 

For clients who have received an epidural anaesthetic they may experience tingling in their legs, headaches and backache.  This can be addressed using the trigger point releases at the site of the epidural, spinal twists to relax the spine and re-establish energy flow

As stated previously the optimum time for the initial post natal treatment is ideally 1-3 days post delivery.  Ideally regular reflexology sessions should continue in order to support the new mom with physical symptoms, breast feeding and emotional adjustment.