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Maternity Reflexology
& Baby Massage

Josephine Jones



Josephine Jones

Maternity Reflexology & Baby Massage

Tel: 0777 5573446

Available Solihull and surrounding areas



Available to you throughout pregnancy


Maternity Reflexology

  • Has been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, a major factor in infertility
  • Helps to create a more natural balance of hormones, allowing optimal conditions for conception, pregnancy, and birth.
  • May also ease many minor ailments of pregnancy
  • May be helpful in reducing the level of toxins, moderate oedema and high blood pressure, as well as time spent in labour.  
  • Feels wonderful for the new mother, or mother-to-be, while providing a healing sense of touch.

What are the benefits?

Relieves stress and tension. It has a deeply relaxing effect

  • 75% of disease is stress related
  • The body needs energy in the form of oxygen and nutrients, which are circulated in the blood. As reflexology improves blood circulation it increases the efficiency of all organs and cells.
  • It helps release trapped nervous energy.
  • It improves waste removal and elimination
  • It activates the body’s self-healing

Is reflexology OK throughout the entire pregnancy?

Absolutely.  Though more precautions are taken in the first trimester of pregnancy, a client can benefit from sessions starting from before conception till well after the baby’s birth.  


How will I feel after a session?

Because our bodies are unique so are the reactions to a session.  Generally you should feel great “Balanced; more energetic, very relaxed; an overall good feeling; walking on air” .. these are just a few descriptions clients have used after reflexology.


Maternity vs Regular Reflexology

The methods used in Maternity Reflexology differ from regular reflexology in the use of..

  • More relaxing techniques (to calm both mother and baby).
  • Direct attention to the aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy (backache, heartburn, swelling etc)
  • Energetic balancing of the reflexology endocrine zones, for the overall mental and physical wellbeing of both mother and baby.
  • An overall more gentle approach in the use of all techniques, customised to each stage of pregnancy.  

How many sessions are recommended; or how often?

This is going to differ from one individual to the next, but ideally weekly sessions (or at least every other week) are recommended especially in the third trimester.  The number of sessions will be based on how well you respond to the sessions.  One-off sessions are available, especially for priming of labour when overdue.


Targetting specific complaints:

Maternity reflexology may address and relieve:

  •            Nausea
  •          Heartburn
  •          Haemorrhoids and Piles
  •          Backache and sciatica
  •          Pain control of symphysis pubis disorder
  •          Constipation or diarrhoea
  •          Help breech babies to turn
  •          Promote labour naturally