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Maternity Reflexology
& Baby Massage

Josephine Jones


Josephine Jones

Maternity Reflexology & Baby Massage

Tel: 0777 5573446

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Hopi Ear Candling is a non-invasive therapy. It has been used by many cultures as an effective, natural therapy since ancient times. Hopi ear candles are not candles as we usually understand them but are hollow tubes made from unbleached cotton or linen and hardened with beeswax. They can be infused with honey and herbs or essential oils. When lit the candle generates a gentle heat which produces a light suction action. This is known as the chimney principal, and works by drawing impurities gently to the surface, where they can be removed. None of the candle residue actually goes into the ear.

A full consultation is taken before the treatment begins. Clients are remained fully clothed for this treatment, lying on their side so the auditory canal is vertical, with their head supported by a pillow. The non-burning end of the candle is then placed gently into the outer ear passage and is turned lightly to seal it in place. The candle is then lit and placed back into the ear it generates a pleasant crackling sound and a warm comfortable feeling, while it draws out impurities. The process is repeated again on the other ear.The treatment is suitable for all ages. This is not a suitable therapy for clients with perforated eardrums.

Benefits of Therapy

Reported benefits of ear candling may include:

Relaxation and stress relief

Stimulation of local energy flow

The softening and loosening of compacted earwax

Relief from sinus problems, headaches and snoring

Easing pressure problems following flying and diving

Temporary relief from tinnitus

Reduced irritation of the ear canal